Creative Bible Journal (Girls)/ Creative Bible Crash Course (Boys)


The importance of the Bible is impossible to overstate. Still, tweens are such a tough group to keep interested in the Bible. Many have grown up hearing well-known Bible stories over and over, and now think there is nothing left for them to discover. 

This book is for them. 

2-in-1 Activity book and Bible study for tweens

With 40 different devotions, these books let tweens read, think, draw, and solve puzzles to better understand the Bible and grow in faith through creativity. 

With this excellent journal, bigger kids ages 8-12 will have a Bible study tool that is relevant to them yet deeply rooted in the Bible, easy to use yet profound, and creative yet transformative.

Each of the book’s 40 devotions have only 2 pages each; the first page is for input – a Bible verse (that they can also color) and a reflective text (that makes the Bible passage relevant to them). The second page is for output – solving a puzzle and writing some thoughts or a guided prayer (prompting the child to think for themself and realize the real life applications of the Bible passage).  

Key Selling Points

  • Unique never-before-seen creative devotional concept for tweens (age 8-12).
  • Designed to walk the reader through personal Bible topics to spark understanding and growth.
  • Devotional concept helps form good routines and learn to pray.
  • Well-known Bible verses with Bible references that contain great life lessons.
  • Lots of opportunity to color the content and be creative
May Creative Bible Journal help you understand and love God and yourself. You have creative greatness in you. Why? Because God put it there. Jacob Vium-Olesen

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Flip through some of the pages in Creative Bible Crash Course and see the difference.



Designed to make you grow

Creative Bible Journal is divided into 8 parts, with 5 devotions in each. It is designed to help the reader grow; first in knowledge, appreciation and thankfulness towards God; then personally in trust, confidence and strength; and finally, in action, by following Jesus and building a better future for oneself.

Creative Bible Crash Course

Creative Bible Journal, ISBN 9788772032627
Creative Bible Crash Course, ISBN 9788772032795

Age: 8-12 • 96 pages • Size A5 (WxH): 148 x 210 mm (portrait) • Full color on all pages • Illustrator: Gustavo Mazali • Author: Jacob Vium-Olesen • Padded hardcover with silver foil on title and spot UV on details • Suggested retail price: US $9.99

List of countries where Creative Bible Journal & Creative Bible Crash Course have been sold so far:
Canada, France, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA.

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