The Junior Bible

The Junior Bible has stories from Genesis to Revelation that give a comprehensive overview of God’s word, retold at just the right reading level for young people.

A better understanding of the Bible

The stories draw the reader into a better understanding of the Bible’s core messages through their faithful retelling of key passages of scripture.

Accompanied by amazing artwork with lively illustrations and vivid colors, this title is one that is sure to delight your 8-12 year-old readers.

Key Selling Points

    • Revenue generating – big $19.99 book with 320 pages.
    • Proven format
    • Proven illustrator
    • Qualifies to apply for Scandinavia’s financial translation support
Over the years, besides a few small bestsellers, we see only these big A-Z Bibles remain as active titles. Everything else comes and go, but these are reprinted again and again. That makes the investment in a big children’s Bible much better in the long run.Jacob Vium
CEO, Scandinavia

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All-round Bible to gain a comprehensive overview of God’s word

With a well-written retold text and new beautiful illustrations this big children’s Bible will fit into numerous of situations.

Specifications: ISBN 9788772032122 • Age: 8-12 • 320 pages • Size (WxH): 165 x 240 mm (portrait) • Full color on all pages • Illustrator: Fabiano Fiorin • Author: Andrew Newton • hardcover • Suggested retail price: US $19.99
List of countries where The Junior Bible has been sold so far:
Angola, Canada, Colombia, France, Italy, Mozambique, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Uganda, U.S.A, Zimbabwe.

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