Why Bible reading can be hard for kids and what to do about it

The first few chapters of the Bible are quite fascinating and filled with action and drama. Creation of the whole Universe in chapter 1 and 2, temptation and dishonesty in chapter 3 and murder in chapter 4.

Then, already in chapter 5 – in the first of 66 books – the begats rise like a wall that blocks your reading and makes you want to surrender right away.


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There are several passages in the Bible (especially in The Old Testament) that are hard to get through. That’s one good reason most Bible reading plans contains a little portion from different places in the Bible to read each day.

For children, these family tree chapters and lists of men of Israel’s 12 tribes or material for the Temple are even more dreadful. So, if a kid should want to go through the whole Bible chronologically, a Children’s Bible is a good tool. Not only are the stories and texts selected carefully, but it comes illustrated, so each page is new and exiting.

The top 100 most important Bible passages for kids

To make the Bible more appealing to kids, Scandinavia has developed the product “100 Best Bible Stories”. As the title states, this is a selection of the hundred most well-known stories from the Bible. This project has several advantages:

  • Fits the age group. Kids age 4-7 can read only the best suited stories for them.
  • Focus on the message. Besides selecting suitable stories and telling them at eye level, the selected Bible passages contains great life lessons, that this age group can understand and make use of.
  • Getting the big picture. When Learning these stories, the child gains an overview of the highlights of the whole Bible – and by that an idea of who God is and through that the history of Mankind and who we are.
  • A window to more. All the stories in the book contain Bible references, so if the interest goes further than the sparingly selected text, it’s easy to turn to the Bible to read it all.

So in conclusion, reading the Bible with kids can be a challange, but is helped a lot by compelling children’s Bibles like “100 Best Bible Stories“.

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