Dial Into Heaven

Mirrored 3D cover 400 px - 100 dpi, jpg Mirrored 3D cover 400 px - 100 dpi Mirrored 3D cover 400 px - 100 dpi Mirrored 3D cover 400 px - 100 dpi Mirrored 3D cover 400 px - 100 dpi

Learning to pray – in a smart and playful way

Owning a smart phone at age 3 might be too early, but what about a book that looks like one?

Christian children’s publishers strive constantly to find new ways to bring the gospel to kids. Having to compete with the level of entertainment provided by electronic devises, this task continues to challenge us. But the book we’ve come up with has clear advantages. For starters, it’s inexpensive.

Small children see their parents and older siblings with smart phones and tablets – so of course they are interested and want one too!

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A book that looks like an iPhone

Scandinavia has developed a series of 5 books for kids aged 3 – 5 about prayer – in a smart phone format. Each of these small 12 pages books takes the reader through a prayer, based on a Bible passage.

In 2007, just before the first iPhone came on the market, a similar series was released – designed to look like a mobile phone as they appeared back then. This series was very popular and 100.000 were sold in 6 months – plus reprints on top of that. Unfortunately, the battery was not of good quality, so the book series was withdrawn to undergo some necessary changes and improvements.

Flip through the book – click below:

Now “Dial into Heaven” is back in 2 editions – one with and one without an electronic ring tone. The one with the ring tone has a battery that lasts 8 months from the first activation (a little slip separates the battery from the electronics, keeping it fully charged, until the slip is removed and the device activated). If that is not enough to drive everybody in the house crazy, the battery can easily be replaced.

The ones without a battery obviously don’t have any problems with battery life, but they still look and feel like a smart phone. It’s less expensive, so depending on the market and the strategy, one or the other will be the logical choice.

Easy BtB distribution

The books are packed in display boxes – 5 of each of the 5 titles. The boxes are easily unfolded and instantly ready-to-use.


Furthermore, each display box comes wrapped in an outer carton box, so that the distribution center can ship each box separately, without spending time and money on repacking – it’s ready for postage as it is.




  • Age: 2-4 years
  • Pages: 12
  • Size: 70 x 126 mm
  • Full color
  • Foam padded hard cover

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