My First Sticker Bible


For the first time, Scandinavia is bringing you a full sticker Bible in 2 volumes. The messege will ‘stick’ better when you work with the material in this interactive way.

One yeah illustration, the vital part is cut out, leaving a white silhouette – that fits one of the stickers from the sticker-pages in the back. This year we are releasing the New Testament where each page requires interaction from the child. More than 120 stickers included!

Flip through the book – click below

Key selling points

  1. Interactively combines Bible stories with stickers (more than 120 stickers)
  2. Realistic and widely accepted drawings across all denominations
  3. Great value for money


  • ISBN: 9788771321067
  • Age: 5-12
  • Size (W x H): 163 x 237 mm
  • Pages: 200 + 14 pages stickers
  • Full color with stickers
  • Hardcover
  • Retail price: US $19.99

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Media Kit Presentation

As a partner, you are entitled to get these graphical marketing elements, that are available for My First Sticker Bible:

  • 3D pictures customized to your edition/language (Photoshop file).

  • Inside page images customized to your edition/language (Photoshop file).


  •  Sales sheet – all info on this title gathered on a 2-sided sheet, available for your edit / translation.



List of countries where My First Sticker Bible has been sold so far:

Canada, France, and Poland.

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