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Scandinavia Publishing House specializes in co-production of illustrated children’s Bibles.

Please talk to us about marketing merchandise like roll-ups and posters for our various titles.

Check out our new titles below!

The Devotional Children’s Bible

Fresh off the press!  The Classic Bestselling Children’s Bible – Now including a great Devotional!

Baby BIBLE for Baby Girls and Boys

NEW Series! Presenting the Bible message in verse – short and sweet – for baby boys and girls!

The 1000 Sticker Bible Storybook

More than 1,000 stickers and colorful illustrations are packed into this fun Bible Acitivity Book.

6-in-1 Puzzle Bible Series

Get the big picture! Each book has 6 jigsaw puzzles – put them together and see the full Bibel story!

The Life of Jesus

Graphic novel rendering the story of Jesus’ life like you have never seen it before!

My Key Verse Bible

22 great Bible memory verses  for children – illustrated and supported by a well-known Bible story.

Bible Stories for Brave Boys and Girls

Tween Bibles for boys and girls with cool fact-spreads on famous Bible Characters.

Ready Set Find Series

Two new titles! Find small hidden objects and enjoy the famous Bible stories in this Seek-and-Find series.

Kids’ Puzzle Bibles

Four-book series: Keep little hands and minds engaged with this great jigsaw puzzle and Bible combo.

The Little Children’s Bible Storybook

Here is the perfect Read-To-Me Bible Storybook for small children.

Bible Activities for Bright Minds

8 Activity Books – An interactive, fun way to introduce preschoolers to well-known Bible stories.

My Ready Set Find Bible

Get ready to read some of the most beloved Bible stories while spotting cute little objects at the same time.

Read ‘n’ Play Baby Bible

Read and play with Baby through the Bible – With fun little prompts for every story!

Bible Detective

Seek-and-Find series with Mini Mike. Investigate some of the most dramatic and hectic scenens from the Bible.