Advantages of co-production

Compared to buying stock, coproduction has several advantages. In general the price is better even though the product is custom made. Normally better price requires a bigger order, but with coproduction, due to the fact that many languages are printed together, the combined print can be big even though the quantity for each individual language may not be so big.

  • Choose your own cover. In a SPH  co-production, you can change the book covers as you like without any charge! Want a different cover? Feel free to use any image including images from inside the book. We are happy to help you with the editing, too.
  • Need help with the text layout? Maybe you have the text ready but layout is not really your strong side.  We can help you with that. We are in touch with many graphic designers whom we can vouch for and we are more than happy to connect you.
  • Books are printed, how do I get them? If you need help with the transportation from the printer to your warehouse, just let us know. We will assist you with the shipping and provide a price quote from wherever to wherever. As long as it’s on planet Earth 🙂

Co-production requirements

A co-production consists of two or more publishers that co-produce a title with the same inside illustrations, but in different languages. In order for a co-production to go smoothly, there are certain issues that need to be addressed in a timely manner:

  • Deadlines for files and blueprints: In order not to delay your own edition or the other editions that are printed simultaneously, please ensure that translated layout files are sent as agreed on time or earlier. When receiving blueprints[LV2] , please also ensure that they are approved on time or earlier, and make sure to return these to the printer by courier (make sure to get the tracking number when the parcel is sent).
  • Press PDFs: SPH is not responsible for making press PDFs and doing layout of your edition unless explicitly agreed. Please check with your sales contact if in doubt.
  • Shipping: All prices are EXW from factory, i.e. books are to be picked up from the designated factory unless explicitly agreed otherwise. We can arrange for professional shipping services worldwide.
  • Special requests for documentation: If you need any documentation besides a packing list, an invoice, and a Bill of Lading to import to your designated country, please inform us in due time. The earlier, the better. Otherwise, the production schedule may be affected.

Miscellaneous info

Your layout files: If you wish for us to be able to edit your files in future print runs, please ensure that we are sent the editable layout files along with the press PDFs. Otherwise, we cannot correct them without redoing entire pages.