Splash and See Bibles

This new bath Bible has the added feature of color changing pages. Part of the illustrations are hidden behind a frosted white layer. Only when water is applied is the full image revealed. After a while, the colors shift back to white. This makes for plenty of bath time fun, especially for the intended age group of children age 1-2.

Research, development, and testing is already done

With very little work, you can now have your own Magic Bath Bible to publish and distribute. With minimal additional editorial work needed, Splash and See Bible will provide a return on your investment quickly. It also adds interesting new technology to your catalog.

Key Selling Points

  • Easy-to-understand concept makes it easy for customers to know when and where to use Splash and See Bible.
  • Cute illustrations designed to engage and entertain toddlers
  • Great gift item
  • Fast ROI—With a low unit price and easy translation, Splash and See Biblewill have a fast return on investment.

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Easy intro to Bible Stories

Splash and See Bibles are a fun and easy way for kids to get to know the Bible. The text is brief, but still contains a message about God’s care for us.

Splash and See Bath Bible • ISBN: 9788772031682  Size (WxH): 180 x 180 mm • Suggested retail price: US $7.99
Splash and See Noah’s Ark • ISBN: 9788772031699  Size (WxH): 180 x 180 mm • Suggested retail price: US $8.99

Full color on all pages • Illustrator: Liam Darcy • Author: Cecilie Fodor • Bath book (white PEVA + 5 mm polyester foam) and Magic spot foil

List of countries where Splash and See Bibles has been sold so far:
Croatia, France, Hong Kong,  Hungary, Israel, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, USA.

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