My Unfold Bible Noah’s Ark

This captivating book offers a unique and engaging experience for young readers in a new format. Not only is the format new, which in itself can serve you well, but it enables the climatic scenes of the Bible story to be hidden and only revealed, when the child turns the folded page. This creates an engaging reader experience.

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Key Selling Points

    • Unique Format: “My Unfold Bible – Noah’s Ark” presents an innovative design that unfolds page-size flaps, revealing climactic scenes and captivating illustrations. This distinctive format sets it apart from traditional children’s books, providing a fresh and interactive reading experience.

    • Engaging Content: Inspired by the timeless story of Noah’s Ark, this book offers a compelling narrative that combines biblical teachings with captivating storytelling. The kid-friendly text makes it ideal for bedtime reading, ensuring an enjoyable and educational experience for young readers.

    • Educational Value: “My Unfold Bible – Noah’s Ark” not only entertains children but also enhances their understanding of biblical stories. By offering this educational resource, you can provide parents and caregivers with a valuable tool to instill important lessons and values in their children.

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Discover how astonishing the story of Noah’s Ark really is

Embark on a remarkable adventure through the pages of “My Unfold Bible – Noah’s Ark.” This enchanting book invites children to immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring tale of Noah’s Ark, filled with delightful illustrations and heartwarming moments. Brace yourself for an emotional journey that will captivate young hearts and nurture their love for storytelling. 

Unfolding the pages of “My Unfold Bible – Noah’s Ark” is like opening a treasure chest of imagination. The vivid illustrations, brought to life by a talented artist, will transport your child into the fascinating world of Noah and his extraordinary mission. 

As the story unfolds, your child will join Noah on his daunting quest to build the great ark and gather the animals. Through beautifully illustrated pages and a full-page flap, they will witness the miraculous events that unfold before their eyes. This emotional journey will inspire curiosity, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the importance of compassion and perseverance.

Specifications: ISBN 9788772032917 • Age: 2-4 • 18 pages (5 spreads with 4 full spread flaps) • (WxH): 200 x 200 mm (~8×8″) • Full color on all pages • Illustrator: Carolina Coroa • Author: Jacob Vium-Olesen • Padded boardbook with full page flaps • Suggested retail price: US $12.99
List of countries where My Unfold Bible – Noah’s Ark has been sold so far:
Canada, Denmark, France, Mexico, Poland, The Netherlands, UK, USA.

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