The Static Sticker Bible Series

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The Static Sticker Bible Series

Each book contains 5 fun fold-out scenes with plastic coated paper and  50-70 reusable stickers, designed to be easy for little hands to remove and reuse.

The four softcover books hold stories of Moses, Christmas, Daniel and Jesus that allow children to linger and recreate the stories over and over again.





The Story of Moses ISBN: 9788772479156
The Story of Christmas ISBN: 9788772479132
The Story of Daniel ISBN: 9788772479163
The Story of Jesus ISBN: 9788772479149

Age: 5-7 • Size (W x H): 216 x 279 mm • Pages: 16 • 5 fold-out scenes • 50-70 reusable stickers • Plastic coated paper • Full color • Softcover • Suggested retail price: US $ 9.99

List of Countries where the Static Sticker Bible Series has been sold so far:
Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Malaysia, Latvia, and Finland.
Copies sold: Over 255 000 copies sold of the Static Sticker Bible Series.

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