A Lifetime of Promises

Gift book sereis with Bible verses for each season in life

A series of 12 little books with captivating photos and quotes from the Bible — a wonderful gift to someone you care about. The series covers our entire lifespan from womb to tomb, and beyond.

Each book comes with a greeting card and a ready-to-give gift bag. Book and card goes into the bag – and the goodies are ready for giving.

Key Selling Points

  • Contains only Bible text
  • A suitable gift for any time in life

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A lifetime of promises 3D picture



A Lifetime of Promises is always relevant

Here’s the perfect greeting for any occasion. No matter whom you want to give a gift, there will be at least one of these 12 books that fits the occasion.

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Books in the series:


Early life ISBN: 9788771320114
Health ISBN: 9788771320077
Faith ISBN: 9788771320121
Guidance ISBN: 9788771320060
Marriage ISBN: 9788771320015
Family ISBN: 9788771320053
Comfort ISBN: 9788771320107
The Older Years ISBN: 9788771320084
Youth ISBN: 9788771320039
Career ISBN: 9788771320091
Protection ISBN: 9788771320046
Life Beyond ISBN: 9788771320084

Age: Adults • Size (WxH): 75 x 75mm • Pages: 64 • Full color •Hardcover, packed in plastic with bag and card • Suggested retail price per book: US $3.99

List of Countries where A Lifetime of Promises has been sold so far:
Australia, Brazil, Poland and Slovakia.


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