My Time with God

Each child needs a little inspiration to get started spending time with God. This devotional, with understandable language and great illustrations, will help them fall in love with the Bible and form a habit of reading and praying.

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Get closer to God, one day at a time

This endearing collection contains treasured stories from both the Old and New Testament.

The beautiful and vivid illustrations by Gustavo Mazali and the clear and accurately retold Bible text will help children get to know the Word of God.

Key selling points

  1. Perfect for bedtime. It takes only a few minutes to read the story and pray the prayer, so it is easy to make it a daily family routine. Suitable for introducing kids to devotional time with cute and cozy stories and illustrations.
  2. Equal OT + NT. The book contains 17 stories from the Bible’s Old Testament and 14 from the New Testament so children can get a better overview of the Bible – with a new story for every day of the month.
  3. Proven format. The format is the same as My First Handy Bible which has sold more than 2 million books worldwide.
  4. Easy recognized concept. Within a few seconds, consumers will know what this book is about when they see it in the store. The design and format communicate ‘cute bedtime book’.
  5. Suited for age group. Text, pictures and concept fit the age 3-5.
  6. Bestselling illustrator.


  • ISBN: 9788771326598
  • Age: 3-5
  • Size (W x H): 125 x 150 mm
  • Pages: 67 pages
  • Full color
  • Boardbook, with handle and lock
  • Retail price: US $12.99
List of Countries where My Time with God has been sold so far:
Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Japan, Netherlands, Poland and Romania.

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