People of the Bible

All the great Bible characters from Genesis to Revelation comes alive as they interact with characters who tell their stories.

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Age-appropriate and faithful to the original Scriptures

Complete with Scripture references, full color illustrations, and a translation faithful to the original Scriptures.

ISBN: 9788772478104 • Age: 5 and up • Size (W x H): 155 x 180 mm • Pages: 248 • Full color •  Illustrations: José Pérez Montero • Text: Leyah Jensen • Hardcover • Suggested retail price: US $ 16.99
List of Countries where People of the Bible has been sold so far:
Australia, Chile, Colombia, Jordan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and USA.
Copies sold: Over 115 000  copies sold of People of the Bible.

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