Our History

Scandinavia A/S is a publishing house based in Copenhagen specialized in illustrated children’s books and Bibles. Scandinavia A/S works with publishers, ministries, NGOs and distributors around the world to create and develop illustrated quality books at affordable prices.

Scandinavia’s products appeal to children and parents around the world aiming to break barriers of language and culture in Bringing Good News to Kids. We are committed to continuously expand our product line and combine the benefits of modern technology and traditional book-making.

Scandinavia A/S was founded in 1973 following an idea the founder had been dwelling on during his one year working with an NGO in India . Scandinavia started as a monthly paper expanding into posters and eventually books with the introduction of the appropriately titled “in The Beginning” in 1980. Scandinavia has continued to grow selling books around the world with our titles translated in over 80 different languages.