Words of Wisdom

This series of books is a treasury of Bible verses about true peace, healing, gratitude, and joy. While reading and meditating, readers will be inspired  and experience spiritual growth.

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Flip through a preview of “Be Still” – click below:

Flip through a preview of “Be Still” – click below:

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Flip through a preview of “Be Grateful” – click below:

Give a charming and practical gift – to someone you care about

We have found that a good way to distribute the Gospel is via gift books with Bible verses inside.


We have now developed a format that works to do this in a charming and practical way – and we are eager to show them, since more and more have been bought and sold in this series with great success.

Be Still – ISBN 9788771320442
Be Well – ISBN 9788771320473
Be Happy – ISBN  9788771320459
Be Grateful – ISBN 9788771320466

Age: Adults • Size (WxH): 150 x 150 mm • Pages: 128 + 1 card + 1 bag • Full color • Hardcover with padding • Suggested retail price: US $16.99


List of Countries where Words of Wisdom has been sold so far: Slovenia, UK, Australia, Canada, Poland, Italy, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Denmark, Singapore, and USA.

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