The Angel Bible | toddlers

Stories about angels from the Bible

Now babies and toddlers can have their very own Angel Bible! Here are all the great stories about Angles from Genesis to Revelation – faithful to the scriptures, beautiful illustrated and retold in simple sentences.

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The Angel Bible is one of four books from the Handy Bible series. The series approaches the Bible with different angles and stories, all aiming to communicate who God is and His love for little ones.

Key Selling Points

  • Sold in 18 countries
  • Best selling format – ideal size for age group
  • The boardbook format makes it easy to turn and hard to crumple and rip for little hands
  • Glossy pages to enhance the many colourful illustrations

The Angel Bible

Stories for toddlers of comfort about how God’s servants is watching over us and protecting us.

ISBN: 9788772477206 • Age: 0-3 and up • Pages: 62 • Size: 124 x 149 mm • Full colour • Illustrations: Gustavo Mazali •  Text: Noelle Huntington •  Hard cover • Suggested retail price: US $5.95
List of countries where this title has been sold so far:
Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Croatia, Guatamala, Hungary, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Slovenia, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA, Zimbabwe

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