The Gift Book Series

Sold more than a million copies!

A series of 12 inspirational little books with either encouraging Bible verses or quotes of wisdom and insight from around the world.
The books come in a gift bag with a card – a perfect reminder for a special someone to see circumstances from a higher perspective.

These beautiful and low-priced books has now sold more than a million copies!

Key Selling Points

  • Best-selling, inspirational gift items
  • Perfect low-cost store item, ideally presented in the provided display
  • Contains all items needed for a small present: book, greeting card, and a present bag

The perfect present to give – lasts longer than flowers!

This series works well on many occasions and is expensive enough to qualify for impulse buying. The books work especially well in stores, when presented in the provided display.

The Gift of Wisdom – ISBN: 9788772472072
The Gift of Friendship  – ISBN: 9788772472102
The Gift of Gratitude – ISBN: 9788772472874
The Gift of Wonder – ISBN: 9788772472904
The Gift of Family  – ISBN: 9788772472928
The Gift of Grace – ISBN: 9788772472959
The Gift of Love – ISBN: 9788772472973
The Gift of Prayer – ISBN: 9788772473017
The Gift of Dreams – ISBN: 9788772473031
The Gift of Integrity  – ISBN: 9788772473062
The Gift of Peace  – ISBN: 9788772473130
The Gift of Solitude  – ISBN: 9788772473222

Age: 18+ • 64 pages • Size (WxH): 70 x 70 • Full color • Hardcover • Design: Ben Alex • Scripture selection: Carol A. Kaufmann • Suggested retail price: US $3.99

Display with 4×12 books
ISBN: 9788772471129 •  Size (LxWxH): 395 x 320 x 64 mm •  Only display: US $3.50 • Display with 48 books: US $189.99

Packet of 4 books, bags and cards
ISBN: 9788772471938 • Size (LxWxH): 297 x 199 x 14 mm • Retail price: US $15.99

List of countries where this series has been sold so far: Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, and South Africa.
Copies sold: More than a million copies sold.

Books in the series:

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