I Know God – Cloth Book Series



Introducing “I Know God,” a charming 4-book cloth series for babies aged 0-1 that introduces them to God’s character and love. With vibrant colors, adorable illustrations, and a soft touch, these books are perfect for little ones.

Cute and soft

Welcome to the captivating world of “I Know God,” where babies will embark on a delightful journey of discovery. Each book in this series is designed to introduce your child to the wonderful qualities of God, including His love, trustworthiness, creation, and care. Engaging illustrations bring these qualities to life on every page, capturing your baby’s attention and creating a positive experience.

Discover God’s Love and Care

These cloth books are not only visually stunning but also durable. They can be squished, crumpled, bitten, and tossed without any loss of quality. And when they get dirty, simply toss them in the washing machine, and they’ll be good as new.

Prepare for a joyous adventure as you explore the fantastic nature of God’s love and care through the enchanting pages of “I Know God.”

Key Features

    • Child safe books: Non-toxic and BPA free.

    • Engaging Illustrations: vibrant and cute.

    • Encouraging Messages. 

    • Sturdy book: Can be machine washed.

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I Know God is Always there for Me, ISBN 9788772033419
I Know God is Someone I can Trust, ISBN 9788772033426
I Know God Made it All Good, ISBN 9788772033433
I Know God Really Loves Me, ISBN 9788772033440

Age: 0-1 • Size (WxH): 180 x 180 mm(7 x 7 inches) • Full color on all 8 pages • Illustrator: Mike Krome • Author: Jacob Vium-Olesen • Cloth book made of fabric with foam inside and rustling sound in the front page. • Suggested retail price: US $9.99

List of countries where I Know God has been sold so far:
Australia, Canada, France, India, Netherlands, Norway, USA.

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