Activity Books: Bible Activities for Bright Minds

Eight fun-packed Bible activity books for children


Bible Activities for Bright Minds is a new series for children to explore well-known Bible stories with fun games, tricky riddles and creative coloring supported by inspiring illustrations from best-selling illustrator José Pérez Montero. These 8 inexpensive books offer high entertainment value, making them ideal for impulse-buying at the shop, church or store. Furthermore they are relevant for rights deals and easy to print locally.

This is why Bible Activities for Bright Minds is a great buy:

  • High Impulse buy score. Affordable at every level
  • Perfect for printing locally (relevant for rights deals)
  • Fun illustrations by José Pérez Montero

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This is why readers will like Bible Activities for Bright Minds  

Throughout the 24 pages in each book, children play their way through key stories of the Bible. The activities and games help children and adults reflect on each story together as well as developing writing and counting skills, providing a great alternative for various devices such as tablets.

  • Supports developing basic counting and writing skills.
  • Great iPad substitute and back-seat entertainment.
  • Interactive learning-by-doing with guaranteed child-alone time.
  • Ideal for Sunday schools, schools, church camps and family time
God’s Creation (ISBN 9788771321449)
God’s People (ISBN 9788771321456)
God’s Heroes (ISBN 9788771321463)
God’s Wisdom (ISBN 9788771321470)
God on Earth (ISBN 9788771321487)
God’s Son (ISBN 9788771321494)
God’s Plan (ISBN 9788771321500)
God with Us (ISBN 9788771321517)

Age: 4-7 • 24 pages • Size (WxH): 207 x 275 mm • Full color on all pages • Illustrated by Jose Perez Montero • Softcover, saddle stitched, or hardcover available • Suggested retail price: US $5.99

Bible Activities for Bright Minds has been sold to the following countries:
China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Lebanon.

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