Co Production

What is co-production?

Co-production is the process where a book is created and sold to publishers in different countries in a joint production. The firms adapt or translate the book into their local language sending the digital files for printing back to the originator who co-ordinates the overall production.

Benefits of co-production

  • Additional titles to supplement ones product list
  • A tried strategy that has worked for demanding customers worldwide
  • Synergies and increased brand awareness as a result of the same title being sold worldwide.
  • Lower risks as opposed to creating and launching ones own title.
  • Competitive pricing due to economies of scale.
  • Less hassle as the production has been outsourced.
  • Proven expertise in co-ordinating production and controlling quality

Where we print

  • China
  • Poland
  • Singapore


An additional service provided is in having Scandinavia provide a complete package involving printing and shipping. Why deal with the hassle of the shipping when Scandinavia can provide this service?

Benefits include

  • Years of experience in dealing with shipping worldwide
  • Experience in dealing with shipment inspections
  • Less hassle for clients
  • Lower prices due to increased buyer power in organising multiple shipments