Reading a Greeting

Scriptures and quotes to encourage and move forward with renewed purpose.

Four gift books with Bible verses, quotes and insights for inspiration and consolation. Each book is comes with a card and gift bag.

These Four good-reads draw from biblical as well as other recognized sources for wisdom that helps us choose how to how to cope and find meaning in sorrow, how to make the most of our time as well as how to seize the moment, celebrate new beginnings s and treasure friendship.

Gorgeous gold nuggets for spiritual growth and encouragement, to inspire someone special. Instead of a traditional greeting card, you may want to give a greeting book to your someone special on a special occasion.

Key Selling Points

  • Best-selling series
  • Beautiful and low-priced gifts for many occasions
  • Contains all items needed for a small gift: book, greeting card, and gift bag

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Reading a Greeting – To be inspired is great – to inspire is greater!

The concept has proven to be very popular among publishers, organisations, and missions – who will use these charming books in a variety of ways. Each set of book, gift bag and card is packed seperatly  in a transparent bag.

The Scandinavia gift books have now sold close to 1 million copies.
A New Beginning ISBN 9788771324761
Carpe Diem ISBN 9788772475134
Closer than a Sister ISBN 9788772475158
Comfort in Sorrow ISBN 9788772475127

Age: adult • Size (WxH): 120 x 120 mm • Pages: 32 • Hardcover • By Ben Alex • Suggested retail price : US $6.99

Display with 4 x 6 books
ISBN: 9788772471860 • Suggested retail price: US $167.76

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