Bedtime Bible Prayers | Prayers for Children

Bedtime Bible Prayers is carefully designed to make Bible reading and prayer a natural part of the goodnight routine. It will help children move to a more personal view of God.

We are created for a personal relationship with God!

Inside are 44 prayers, each based on a Bible verse. These will help children share their hearts and thoughts with God— while also learning about His heart and thoughts for them.

Key Selling Points

  • Meets parent’s need for quality bedtime reading
  • Concept enables kids to learn Bible verses and learn how to pray
  • Book uses real Bible text for Bible Verses
  • Great gift item as well as for personal use
  • With cute illustrations of both Biblical scenes and modern life

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Bedtime Bible Prayers – Connecting with God before you sleep!

In Bedtime Bible Prayers each spread is one bedtime session. Each session will take 5 minutes or so and contains a Bible verse, a prayer and a question. In this way, the child will:

  • Get to know the Bible.
  • Learn how to apply the Bible in their prayers.
  • Have a little food-for-though question in the end to help them become grateful and aware of their own quality and ability to share something good with others.
  • Get some quality time with the parent.
Specifications: ISBN: 9788772031071 • Age: 6-8 • 96 pages • Size (WxH): 155 x 230 mm • Full color • Padded hardcover • Illustrations: Gavin Scott • Text: Karoline Pahus Pedersen •  Cover and book layout: Gao Hanyu • Suggested retail price: US $9.99
List of countries where Bedtime Bible Prayers has been sold so far:
France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spanish speaking countries, Vietnam, USA

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