My Gifts from God

Gift books for toddlers


This toddlers-focused collection is perfect for talkative tots entering into their first conversations. With these four little books they’ll have plenty of new stuff to learn, repeat and talk about as first words of animals, colors, sounds and opposites from the Bible is introduced.

These books provide great learning possibilities for 0-2 year olds with colorful pictures and the names written underneath. Each book ends with a thankful prayer and are packed in a stunning gift box, with a ribbon and a gift tag to give the child the full experience of receiving a gift.

Key Selling Points

  • Helps children learn new words, sounds, colors and opposites.
  • Character building: Excellent  for teaching kids about gratefulness, God’s generotisy and gift giving
  • The gift box enhances the overall theme of the series.
  • Ideal as a gift for christening, baby blessing or birth.

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Train early vocabulary with My Gifts from God: 

Help your toddler discover the beautiful, fun and precious gifts God has given us to enjoy and celebrate. The books have rounded corners and are made from tough board to last lots of fun reading sessions, as toddlers discover the beautiful, fun and precious gifts from God.

Great choice that works well as a present for christenings, baby blessings and at birth.

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