Learning with the Bible

Let’s Play with Numbers & Let’s Play with Words

Explore Bible stories, learning, and fun with “Learning with the Bible” activity books. We start with two special books: “Let’s Play with Numbers” and “Let’s Play with Words.” It’s a great way for kids to grow their language skills and learn about the Bible at the same time.

Let’s Play with Numbers takes kids on a fun journey through the Bible, showing how numbers are all over in every story from creation to the miracles of Jesus.

Let’s Play with Words helps kids learn new words and enjoy reading through puzzles and word games that come from Bible stories.

Welcome to “Learning with the Bible” Activity Books

These new Bible activity books have more than 100 activities inside. Each activity Bible contains seventeen beloved Bible stories accompanied by age-appropriate activities such as word searches, puzzles, crosswords, and other entertaining and challenging games.


Key Selling Points

  • Large books with a good thickness provide a high perceived value, even though they are relatively inexpensive to produce.
  • Age-specific activities make each edition perfectly tailored to its audience.
  • Engages children with games accompanying every story.
  • Bible references included with every story for further study.
  • Learning: Helps kids learn numbers and words in a fun way, while also learning about the Bible. The books are packed with activities and lots of colorful pictures.
  • Help kids understand important values while keeping them curious and interested in “school stuff”.
  • Flexible Use: These books are great at home, for commute, in school, or at church.
  • Based on the Bible: The activities help kids learn about numbers and words through Bible stories, helping them grow in their faith, too.

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Perfect for Many Places

These books are useful for learning and repeating reading and writing numbers and words, having fun while learning and keeping busy during travel. They are great for the classroom, Sunday school, or just reading at home. Add “Learning with the Bible” to your publication list and give a new, exciting way to look at educational materials

Learning with the Bible – Let’s Play with Numbers (age 4-7) • Softcover ISBN: 9788772034126 • Author: Cecilie Fodor • Illustrations: Mike Krome

Learning with the Bible – Let’s Play with Words (age 4-7) • Softcover ISBN: 9788772034133 • Author: Andrew Newton • Illustrations: Catherine Groenewald

Size (WxH): 216 x 280 mm • Pages: 112 • Full color  • Suggested retail price: softcover: US$ 8.99

List of Countries where the Learning with the Bible have been sold so far:
Australia, Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, UK.

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