The Amazing Carpenter

A series to bring you up-close and personal with the amazing life of Jesus! Experience how the Carpenter healed bodies, minds, and hearts as you take a journey to the very places He walked. Meet the people that Jesus touched and witness His amazing miracles first hand.

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Titles in this series

  • The Wedding at Cana
  • Jairus’ Daughter
  • The Feeding of the 5000
  • Zacchaeus Meets Jesus

There is more to Jesus’ Miracles than meets the eye

Most of the stories of Jesus in the Bible are told very to-the-point and unemotionally. They tell what is happening and who says what. But there is always more to the story than meets the eye. Especially because it’s  2000 years ago and the culture was totally different than what we know today. Therefore, a lot of things that we might find weird or unimportant is actually loaded with a deeper meaning. And that depth makes the story even more significant. This is what this series is trying to reveal.

Understanding the gravity of Jesus’ actions

An example of this is in the first book “The Wedding at Cana” in The Amazing Carpenter series. Here they run out of wine during the celebration and Jesus then helps out by performing a miracle and turns water into wine. That is pretty incredible by itself, but what we might not know about the culture at the time, is that for a host to be unable to provide for the guests – especially at an important occasion such as a wedding – would be shameful or even devastating for their social status. That again could have other unpleasant consequences and making life more difficult for the newlyweds. Therefore, the miracle was more than just making wine – it was saving the family from losing face.

This background knowledge and more is built into the stories in this series, so that cultural understanding and the feelings involved make the reader understand the gravity of Jesus’ actions .


  • Age: 7-11
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  • Pages: 48
  • Full color
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