The Amazing Carpenter Series

Experience the Miracles of Jesus close up

Awesome four-book series on what it could have been like, when the carpenter Jesus started taking action, and did what no one thought possible, until they met the man themselves!

Excellent re-telling of four amazing miracles of Jesus, experienced through the eyes of a child: The Wedding at Cana, Jairus’ Daughter, The Feeding of the 5000 and Zacchaeus Meets Jesus.

A closer look on the life of the Amazing Carpenter:

  • Fine collection of biblical miracle stories
  • Great child-like account on what-just-happened events from the Gospels
  • Retold with sincere respect for the original Bible texts
  • Optional add-on: Slip case available

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Experience what it could have been like:  the Miracles of Jesus close up

There is more to Jesus’ Miracles than meets the eye – explore them with these four titles! Experience how the Carpenter healed bodies, minds, and hearts as these titles take readers on a journey to the very places He walked and depict some of the people that Jesus touched.

Because the Bible was written a very long time ago, in a culture very different from what we know today, many things that we might consider find weird or unimportant in the stories, actually hold deeper meaning, and makes the stories even more significant. This is what this series is aiming to explore: understanding the gravity of Jesus’ actions. With background knowledge and built into the stories as well as cultural understanding and emotional depth youngsters  are is given greater understanding of the gravity of Jesus’ actions.

The Wedding at Cana • Text: Austin Salisbury •  (ISBN 9788771321128)
Jairus’ Daughter • Text: Cecilie Vium Fodor •  (ISBN 9788771324136)
The Feeding of the 5000 • Text: Leyah Jensen • (ISBN 9788771324853)
Zacchaeus Meets  Jesus • Text: Leyah Jensen • (ISBN 9788771325195)

Age: 7-11 • Pages: 48 • Size (WxH): 165 x 240 mm • Illustrations: Gareth Llewhellin • Full color on all pages • Hardcover • Suggested retail price: US $12.99

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