God’s Love – gift book sets includes card and gift bag

Beautiful gift books with scriptures - complete sets including gift bag and card!

This series of four book gift-packages contains selected Bible verses of faith, hope and love to guide readers through the joys and sorrows of life. Each book comes with a gift bag and a greeting card, and is the perfect present for any occasion.

These four gift book packages are a great purchase:

  • Easy three-in-one product: book, greeting card and gift bag
  • Beautiful, impressionistic illustrations that inspire reflection
  • Ideal for promoting your own Bible edition
  • Great for studying scriptures on specific topics.

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Words of wisdom and divine promises for mothers, fathers, friends and couples

Elegant compilations of Bible verses that bring wisdom and divine promises, supported by inspiring art word, make these gift sets the obvious choice as birthday presents, for Christmas and weddings or as an ideal long-lasting hostess gift. With card and gift bag already provided, it hardly gets any easier to bring a personal gift for your mother, farther, a friend or the happy couple.

Specifications for God’s Love – gift books:
God’s Love for Mothers (ISBN: 9788771324754)
God’s Love for Fathers (ISBN: 9788771324730)
God’s love for Friends (ISBN: 9788771324747)
God’s Love for Couples (ISBN: 9788771324723)

Age: adults • 130 pages • Size (WxH): 140 x 140 mm • 135 gsm art paper• Hardcover with card and jacket • Suggested retail price: US $ 9.99

List of Countries where God’s Love has been sold so far: Hungary.
Copies sold: Over 3 000 copies sold of the God’s Love series.




For-Couples_01 3D picture For-Fathers_01 3D picture For-Friends_01 3D picture For-Mothers_01 3D picture

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