The Little Children’s Bible

The best stories of the Bible retold for preschoolers. Short sentences, easy words, little pages, small details, and warm smiles make this a very special book for ages 3-7.

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Let humor open the door

The illustrations in this colorful children’s Bible are not only beautiful and biblical accurate, but also fun and filled with details for the young reader to discover.

The illustrator (and the author) behind The Little Children’s Bible (José Pérez Montero) is the same at the one behind The Children’s Bible (sold more than 6 mill. copies) and The Adventure Story Bible (published in Brazil by Editorial Abril for example – 2,7 million books in their campaign of 2007-2008).

So, it’s a fantastic crew that is behind this Bible for kids.

A few Amazon reviews regarding The Little Children’s Bible:

  • Of the 4 or 5 children’s Bibles that we’ve perused with our kids who are 3 and 4, this is by far my favorite. Just enough accurate detail, interesting and colorful artwork, and prompts for further interaction with the text.
  • I love how there are not too many words on each page, so toddlers can sit still for you to read simple words from the Bible. And young readers are not overwhelmed either. What a way to introduce the Bible to children!
  • This book is great for kids with a simple, easy to understand storyline even for a 3-year-old!

In each of the 39 Bible stories that The Little Children’s Bible goes through, a little animal is narrating the story with some comments and questions for the child. This also helps the parent involve the child in the story.

ISBN: 9788772471327 • Age: 3-7 • Pages: 448 • Size (WxH): 155 x 180 mm • Paper: Inside 20gsm offset • Cover: 120gsm glossy art on 3mm board • Suggested retail Price: US $19.99
List of Countries where The Little Children’s Bible has been sold so far:
Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Faroe Islands, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, and USA.


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