Men & Women of the Bible

Great series about men and women who became Bible heros




With detailed, full-color illustrations and and easy-to-read Bibel text this series is designed to communicate a positive identity to children focusing on the unique influence that we can all have on history, if we dare to have faith.

In this 16-book series introduces readers to 16 of the of the greatest men and women of the Bible, and learn how their incredible lives became instrumental and significant parts of a greater plan, and how ordinary men and women pushed through varoius trials to accomplished extraordinary things because they dared to have faith. full-color

Men and Women of the Bible – Find your own favorite!

  • Excellent collection of classic Bibel characters
  • Beautiful, detailed illustrations
  • Inexpensive product – High Impulse buy score
  • Availeble as titles for rights

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Moses – God’s Chosen Leader (ISBN: 9788771325874)
Joseph – The Boy Who Learned To Handle His Dream
(ISBN: 9788771325836)
David – The Brave Shepherd Boy Who Became a Great King
 (ISBN: 9788771325782)
Elijah – Prophet Of Fire 
(ISBN: 9788771325805)
Samuel – Judge And Prophet (
ISBN: 9788771325911)
Daniel – Prisoner With A Promise 
(ISBN: 9788771325775)
Peter – The Fisher of Men 
(ISBN: 9788771325898)
Paul – A Change Of Heart (ISBN: 9788771325881)
Sarah – A Woman Whose Dream Came True 
(ISBN: 9788771325928)
Esther – A Woman Who Was As Courageous As She Was Beautiful 
(ISBN: 9788771325812)
Ruth – A Woman Whose Loyalty Was Stronger Than Her Grief 
(ISBN: 9788771325904)
Mary Magdalene – A Woman Who Showed Her Gratitude 
(ISBN: 9788771325850)
Mary – An Ordinary Woman With A Special Calling 
(ISBN: 9788771215843)
Deborah – A Woman Who Brought An Entire Nation Back to God 
(ISBN: 9788771325799)
Hannah – A Woman Who Kept Her Promise to God  
(ISBN: 9788771325829)
Miriam – A Woman Who Saw The Answer to Her Prayers
(ISBN: 9788771325867)

Age: 4-9 • Pages: 32 • Size (WxH): 210 x 275 mm • Full color on glossy art • Softcover • Illustrations: José Péres Montero • Text: Ann de Graaf • Suggested retail price: US $9.99

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