Men & Women of the Bible

Great series about men and women who became Bible heroes




With detailed, full-color illustrations and and easy-to-read Bibel text The Men and Women of the Bible series introduces children to those people who helped mold the history of Israel and the early Church.

In this 16-book series introduces readers to 16 of the of the greatest men and women of the Bible, and learn how their incredible lives became instrumental and significant parts of a greater plan, and how ordinary men and women pushed through varoius trials to accomplished extraordinary things because they dared to have faith. full-color


  • Excellent collection of classic Bibel characters
  • Beautiful, detailed illustrations
  • Inexpensive product – High Impulse buy score
  • Availeble as titles for rights

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Men & Women of the Bible

The outstanding Men and Women of the Bible series presents the classic stories of young men and women at Biblical times. The series is designed to communicate a positive identity to children focusing on the unique influence that we can all have on history, if we dare to have faith.


Moses – God’s Chosen Leader (ISBN: 9788771325874)
Joseph – The Boy Who Learned To Handle His Dream (ISBN: 9788771325836)
David – The Brave Shepherd Boy Who Became a Great King (ISBN: 9788771325782)
Elijah – Prophet Of Fire (ISBN: 9788771325805)
Samuel – Judge And Prophet (ISBN: 9788771325911)
Daniel – Prisoner With A Promise (ISBN: 9788771325775)
Peter – The Fisher of Men (ISBN: 9788771325898)
Paul – A Change Of Heart (ISBN: 9788771325881)
Sarah – A Woman Whose Dream Came True (ISBN: 9788771325928)
Esther – A Woman Who Was As Courageous As She Was Beautiful (ISBN: 9788771325812)
Ruth – A Woman Whose Loyalty Was Stronger Than Her Grief (ISBN: 9788771325904)
Mary Magdalene – A Woman Who Showed Her Gratitude (ISBN: 9788771325850)
Mary – An Ordinary Woman With A Special Calling (ISBN: 9788771215843)
Deborah – A Woman Who Brought An Entire Nation Back to God (ISBN: 9788771325799)
Hannah – A Woman Who Kept Her Promise to God  (ISBN: 9788771325829)
Miriam – A Woman Who Saw The Answer to Her Prayers (ISBN: 9788771325867)

Age: 4-9 • Pages: 32 • Size (WxH): 210 x 275 mm • Full color on glossy art • Softcover • Illustrations: José Péres Montero • Text: Ann de Graaf • Suggested retail price: US $9.99

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