My God Loves Me Bible

Through 18 popular Bible stories, My God Loves Me Bible unpack the wonderful fact that we are loved by God.
Each Bible story is backed by carefully chosen and well-known Bible verses emphasizing the truth in each story.
Together with the heartwarming illustrations these stories will give children a firm understanding of the message of the Bible so they can confidently say “My God Loves Me” and know why, too!

Perfect format for mass market as well as book stores

With it’s 40 pages and handle, this board book has found the perfect balance between cost and value.

Key Selling Points

  • 50,000+ copies sold in less than a year
  • Easy-to-understand concept makes it perfect format for both mass market and book store sales
  • Handle adds interest and perceived value
  • Great gift item
  • Proven format that has outperformed similar books and sold in millions of copies

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In God’s eyes we are precious beyond measure

My God Loves Me Bible gives each child the possibility to learn that they are precious beyond measure in God’s eyes.
This Bible storybook helps readers get introduced to the relentless love of God and helps to understand one main-theme in God’s Word: His love for the world and how made Him send Christ to save us.

  • Learn how each different story speaks differently about God’s love
  • Get an introduction to 18 Bible stories
  • 36 additional Bible verse references underlining the theme of each story
Specifications: ISBN 9788772031026 • Age: 3-5 • 40 pages • Size (WxH): 150 x 175 mm • Full color on all pages • Illustrations: Gavin Scott • Author: Cecilie Fodor • Board book with handle • Suggested retail price: US $12.99
List of countries where My God Loves Me Bible has been sold so far: Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Hongkong, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Spanish speaking countries, Sri Lanka, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA, Zimbabwe

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