Made by God

Animals on the farm - 100 dpiAnimals in the sea Mirrored 3D cover 800 px - 100 dpiAnimals in the Bush Mirrored 3D cover 800 px - 100 dpi
The Made By God series is a brand new foam book series from Scandinavia. 4 individual titles with animals in the air, on the farm, in the sea and in the bush show children the amazing beauty of God’s creation with joyful illustrations on every page. Discover the animals God created in this joyful series of foam books

Puzzle books with a soft touch

To help the child memorize and engage learning, every spread contains a puzzle – also in foam – that adds a playful element to the book. Furthermore, a surprise is hiding under the puzzle. For example, the text will read “God made the Butterfly… with colorful wings and fluttering flight – and the Wasp – with a stinger, good for…” and the word “Stinging” is hiding under the puzzle pieces, so you need to remove these to get the whole story.

Some of the puzzles are with 4 pieces and some with 2 – for different difficulty levels. In the same way, the text is quite basis, like the above, but we have also added something slightly educational to some of the pages, so both adult and child can learn something they might not know. Did you for example know that “the Hummingbird is very small and able to fly very fast, even… Backwards!

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Key selling points

  1. Great learning possibilities for 0-3 year olds with bright and fun illustrations.
  2. Puzzles are an important learning tool for toddlers, and are a fun way for little children to develop their skills.
  3. The Creation theme in the series will help to understand God’s creation.
  4. Soft and light to handle and carry.
  5. Fun inexpensive toy/playable-book.


Titles in this series:

  • Animals in sea (9788771328011)
  • Animals in the air (9788771328028)
  • Animals in the bush (9788771328035)
  • Animals on the farm (9788771328042)

Type: EVA foam (4mm) puzzle book
Size (WxH): 140 x 180 mm
Pages: 3 spreads with 3 diecut puzzles
Spine: 25mm
Selfend: yes
Binding: Boardbook binding with rounded corners
Retail price, single book: US $7.99
Release date: March 2015

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