Adam Names the Animals

Adam Names The Animals is a jigsaw sound book. This is the story about how Adam was given the task of naming all the animals. The illustrations are colorful and cute.

Quite a lot of entertainment for one book

Inside the book is 6 puzzles that can be taken out and put together again – inside the book pages. On the side of the book is a sound module with 6 animal pictures – making that animal’s sounds when you press it.


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Key selling points

  1. Fantastic colorful illustrations filled with animals that children love
  2. Learning while having lots of fun with both puzzles and sounds
  3. Replaceable battery for longer usage



  • ISBN: 9788772476568
  • Age: 2-5
  • Pages: 12
  • Size (WxH): 166 x 240 mm
  • 6 puzzles
  • Sound module
  • Full color
  • Board book
  • Padded hardcover
  • Retail price: US $19.99