Puzzle Bible Books

The Puzzle Bible Books contain colorful illustrations with episodes from the Bible. Scandinavia have sold thousands upon thousands of these Puzzle Bibles. We believe that the value-for-money is one of the reasons for high sales. You get a big book – with padded cover and puzzles inside – for a low cost.



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Playing and learning with the Puzzle Bible Books

In these 4 books, half of each double-page picture is a puzzle. The pieces can easily be removed and placed back again on the page. With the thick cardboard, the pieces don’t fall out, even when the page is held upside down. The other half contains a short text explaining what is going on. It’s a great way to introduce little ones to the Bible.

This series contains titles for ages 2-4 and 4-7. The small ones will have only 9 puzzle pieces to deal with in a smaller, squared book. The older children will have many more pieces in a bigger book.

The Little Puzzle Bible – ISBN 9788772478401
The Beginner’s Puzzle Bible – ISBN 9788772478449
Age: 2-4 • Size (WxH): 191 x 191 mm • Pages: 12 • 6 puzzles • Full color • Illustrations: Gustavo Mazali • Padded hardcover • Retail price: US $7.99

My First Puzzle Bible – ISBN 9788772478364
The Adventure Puzzle Bible – ISBN 9788772478432
Age: 4-7 • Size (WxH): 213 x 270 mm • 6 puzzles • Full color • Illustrations: Gustavo Mazali • Padded hardcover • Suggested retail price per book: US $12.99

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