3 reasons why daily Bible reading is great for your child

In a hectic time, such as this, where the ADHD label is stuck on any kid running by in a frenzy, finding a quiet time to read with kids seems like a lost art. But it’s more needed than ever.

The input that our kids have to tackle every single day is exploding and they need to process so much information, that you start thinking “who knows what sticks”. Those of us who are interested in our children keeping their faith, have a challenge to find time and material to teach them about the Bible.

Here are 3 powerful reminders of why it is important for parents to read with their children:

  1. Good routines. Reading the Bible on a daily basis helps build good routines regarding reading in general and studying the Bible regularly.
  2. Knowing the Bible. I remember one Bible scholar and leader of a big American Bible organisation saying that the foundation for his Bible knowledge came from his childhood. His grandmother would read a children’s Bible with him daily and through that he learned more about the Bible than he did studying theology. Furthermore, children’s Bibles (or some of them) have the advantage, that the points or key messages are explained so that everyone can understand them.
  3. Time together. Even though we all try hard to get as much time with our kids as possible, it can be difficult and in the end of the day you might conclude that it didn’t really happen. One solution is to build in a nighttime routine, that includes time together. In these precious moments reading seems like a sound activity. Reading aloud seems more social than watching a movie together. This also builds for an excellent opportunity to discuss the message of the story and feed his or her with good thoughts.

Read and pray through the Bible in a year

Scandinavia has developed “The One Year Bible” – a 496 pages Children’s Bible for age 4-7.  There is a story with a Bible reference and a prayer For each day.


These are daily readings – going through the whole Bible in a year.

The One Year Bible – Product page